Virtual Fax in the User Web Portal

Complete inbound and outboud fax solution with email integration

View faxes in web portal, download and view faxes, thumbnail view availble for easy selection. Users can have their own dedicated fax, or they can share the virtual fax number with other users. The virtual fax service gives phone system users the option to view received faxes and send outbound faxes directly from the phone system portal or by email.

Email Notification Options-voip

Fax to email notifications

Email Notifications for the user should be enabled for faxes to be sent to the user's email address. You can choose one of the notification types listed below: 1. None 2. Notification only (no link or attachment) 3. Send w/ hyperlink 4. Send w/ attachment (leave as new) 5. Send w/ attachment (move to saved) 6. Send w/ attachment (move to trash)