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Auto Attendants & Virtual Attendants

Create scripts and use our text-to-speech engine to record professional voice prompts in English, Spanish, & French languages. Direct inbound calls to the right person, department, call flow, or custom programming route.

Let us help you create custom scripts for your business. Route calls to auto attendants when you want to route calls right away or after rining an extension or ring group. Create scripts for normal business hours, after hours, lunch breaks, and use time frames to schedule when and how you route your calls.

Unified Voicemail & Communications-as-a-Service

Voicemail integration is avaialable in all areas of the overall network and all of our communications systems. Unfied Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) features and functionality embedded everywhere.

Choose how and when you want to get one of your communications channels delived to your email. Use our web portal to easily view and download any communications including voicemails, call scripts, call recordings and simply save, share, and collaborate with other users or external organizations.

Text Messaging on your Business Line

Text your customers using Application to Person (A2P) messaging. Setup your own campaign(s) on your business phone numbers.

We setup your business phone number with The Campaign Registry which is the information hub that allows to regsiter 10DLC messaging campaigns. The Campaign Registry was created to provide a simplfied, fair, rules and reqgulatuion in the telecommunications industry to create common messaging standards.

Automatic Call Recording

Record telephone calls for inbound and outbound phone calls. Choose which users to record, view and listen in our web portal or download and share.

Simply record users call without any investment on premise based call recording systems. Turn on call recording and instantly start recording calls. View the call recording in the call detail records.

Listen Live, Whisper & Barge-In

Call Center features can be used for large call centers or simple training solutons for a few select users

By utilizing the new features of 'Join Call'/'Whisper'/'Listen Only', Call Center Supervisors are able to monitor and manage agents.

  • Barge-In - allows the user listening into the call to have a 2-way conversation with both the agent and the caller they are speaking with.
  • Listen - allows the user to listen in only. No audio will be passed to the agent or the caller they are speaking with.
  • Whisper - allows the user listening into the call to speak to the agent, however, the caller they are speaking with will not hear the person listening in.

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